Hello Middle-School Mathletes!

I am Sophie Andrews, a senior at Chatham High School (CHS). I created Sophie’s Math Corner (SMC) in Sept 2015, the beginning of my freshman year, for middle-school mathletes who are interested in practicing math problems that are harder than their homework. I just finished the fourth and the last season of SMC.

About SMC: For the past four years, SMC started in September, a few months before the AMC8 test, and finished in February/March, after the Mathcounts chapter competition. During that period, I posted new problems on a common topic every week, 7 harder problems for more advanced mathletes (e.g. 7th and 8th graders) and 7 easier ones for younger ones (e.g. 5th and 6th graders). I used AMC8 and Mathcounts (MC) problems for the harder ones and modified the Continental Math League (CML) problems for the easier ones. Many school districts participate in CML and I did CML throughout my middle school. I was also on the Chatham Middle School Mathcounts team in 2015. It was a lot of fun!

Mathletes submitted their answers to me and I posted the answers the following week. I tallied submissions and gave out book prizes periodically to recognize high performers.

Navigation: The menu bar is above the painting School of Athens. (Do you recognize Euclid and Pythagoras doing mathematics in the painting?)

Current month (Mathcounts) tab: harder problems of the current month (no longer active)
Current month (CML) tab: easier problems for the current month (no longer active)
Archive tab: previously posted problems
Logistics tab: how to submit your weekly answers (no longer active)
News tab: news items with past winners

Contact: Email Sophie Andrews (CMS ’15, CHS ’19) at sophie.andrews@jerseystem.net.