Hello Middle-School Mathletes!

I am Sophie Andrews, a senior at Chatham High School (CHS). This is my fourth year running Sophie’s Math Corner (SMC) for daily practice of AMC8, Mathcounts and Continental Math League (CML) problems.

How SMC works:  SMC starts in September, a few months before the AMC8 test, and finishes in February, after the Mathcounts chapter competition. During this period, I post new problems on a common topic every week, 7 harder problems for more advanced mathletes (e.g. 7th and 8th graders) and 7 easier ones for younger ones (e.g. 5th and 6th graders).  This year I’ll use AMC 8 and Mathcounts problems for the harder ones and modify Continental Math League (CML) problems for the easier ones.   This is the first year that I’m trying CML problems since many school districts participate in CML and I hope that this would be of interest to more mathletes.

You can practice in your spare time, submit your results to me and I’ll post the answers the following week.  Many of these problems appear in the past tests.  I tally your submissions and give out book prizes periodically to recognize high performers.

Navigation: The menu bar is above the painting School of Athens. (Do you recognize Euclid and Pythagoras doing mathematics in the painting?)

Current month (AMC) tab: harder problems of the current month
Current month (CML) tab: easier problems for the current month
Archive tab: previously posted problems
Logistics tab: how to submit your weekly answers
News tab: news items with past winners

Contact: Email Sophie Andrews (CMS ’15, CHS ’19) at sophie.andrews@jerseystem.net.

AMC Background: AMC stands for the American Mathematics Competitions and the AMC8 test is designed for students in 8th grade or under.  AMC8 is a 40-minute, 25-multiple-choice-question test. Each correct answer scores one point, and wrong or unanswered questions score no points — feel free to guess if you have no idea 🙂   The problems focus heavily on problem solving skills, covering a range of difficulty levels and a range of topics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, counting and probability, and number theory.  The test starts with easy problems that require simple calculations but finishes with hard ones that require some serious thinking.

When you are in high school, you can continue with the AMC10/12 tests which take place every February. High scorers of AMC10/12 are then invited to participate in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), which eventually leads to the US Math Olympiad and the International Math Olympiad (IMO). Well, if this sounds super nerdy, or scary, or exciting, or motivating, I want to tell you that AMC8 is fun.

Mathcounts Background: Mrs. Getch (math teacher at CMS, Chatham Middle School) runs a CMS team for Mathcounts, a popular middle school math competition. (Mr. Bontempo was the first CMS mathcounts team leader.)  Although AMC8 and Mathcounts differ in format (team vs individual, with calculator vs without, multiple choice vs short answer), they have a lot in common mathematically and both enforce problem solving skills.  I was on the CMS team in Feb 2014 and 2015, and it was an amazing eye-opening experience to see competition beyond Chatham.


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