1. JerseySTEM would like you to register for SMC on this link.
  2. Once you are registered, I’ll request a jerseystem.net account for you.

Weekly answer sheet: 

  1. From gmail.com login with your a jerseystem.net account. If you don’t yet have one, please enter Username: guest@jerseystem.net, Password: mathisfun.
  2. Click GoogleForm after the week header, e.g. Week of September 12-18, Week of September 19-25, to submit the weekly answers. Make sure you write your name on the form and submit your answers by Saturday night. I post answers on Sunday.

If you are in middle school and would like take the AMC8 test through JerseySTEM, you will be asked to register and pay a very small registration fee.  I’ll post the registration information as soon as I hear.

If you have an older sibling in Chatham High School who would like to join forces with me, please have him/her contact me.

If you have a younger sibling in primary school who is interested in extracurricular math, please contact Ms. Lina Verma [lina.verma@jerseystem.org], who coordinates math efforts in nearby towns for JerseySTEM.

Contact: Sophie Andrews [sophie.andrews@jerseystem.net]


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