Oct 2018 (CML)

I will post seven new problems every weekend, one for each day of the week. The idea is that you work on your own during the week and I will post answers the following Saturday.  For those of you who practiced with me last year, the process is similar.

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Week of Oct 14 – Oct 20: Word problems with ratios. 

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Oct 14: The ratio of cats to dogs at the pound is 2:3. If there are 32 cats, how many dogs are there?

Oct 15: The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 4:5. If the total number of students in the class is 72, how many boys are there?

Oct 16: A board that is 12 inches long is cut into 2 pieces whose lengths have a ratio of 1:5. What is the length of the longer piece?

Oct 17: The ratio of teachers to students in a  school is 2 to 17. How many teachers are present if there are 85 students?

Oct 18: For every $3 Mary spends, Andy spends $5. If Andy spends $40 more than Mary, how much money does Mary spend?

Oct 19: What is the ratio of 1 pound 4 ounces to 3 pounds 10 ounces? (1 pound = 16 ounces)

Oct 20: Four partners in a business split the profit in the ratio 2:3:3:5. If the profit one year is $26000, what is the largest amount of profit received by the one of the four partners?

Week of Oct 7 – Oct 13: Word problems with fractions. 

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Oct 7: Mary begins with her work at 8:20am and estimates that it’ll take her 5{7\over 10} hours to finish. At what time does she expect to finish?

Answer: 14:02pm

Oct 8: Kevin pays 1\over 3 of his income in tax. He spends 4 \over 5 of what remains after tax, and places the rest into his bank account. What fraction of his income does he put into his bank account?

Answer: 1-{1\over 3}- {2\over 3}\cdot {4\over 5}  = {2\over 15}

Oct 9: Sam bought 3 {1\over 4} pounds of cheese. He used half of the cheese for a casserole and 1\over 4 pounds for sandwiches. Express as a mixed number the amount of cheese he has left.

Answer: {13\over 4}\cdot {1\over 2} -{1\over 4} = {11\over 8} = 1{3\over 8}.

Oct 10: Matthew starts with 400 pennies. He gives 3\over 5 of his pennies to his brother and gives 3\over 4 of his remaining pennies to his sister. How many more pennies does Matthew give to his brother than to his sister?

Answer: 400\cdot ( {3\over 5} - {2\over 5}\cdot {3\over 4}) = 400\cdot {3\over 10} = 120

Oct 11: If 12{2\over 3} feet of steel tubing are needed to make one stool, how many feet of tubing are needed to make 300 stools?

Answer: 12{2\over 3} \cdot 300 = 3800

Oct 12: The reciprocal of 5 plus the reciprocal of 7 is the reciprocal of what number?

Answer: {1\over {1/5 + 1/7}} = {35\over 12}

Oct 13: Which whole number is closest to {2\over 3} - {4\over 5}?

Answer: 0


Week of Sept 30 – Oct 6: All about decimals. 

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Sept 30: Arrange the following numbers from smallest to largest: 0.97, 0.979, 0.9709, 0.907, 0.9089

Answer: 0.907, 0.9089, 0.97, 0.9709, 0.979

Oct 1: Compute the following quantities and express the results in decimals:
0.092\times 100,       25.5\div 0.5,      (0.11)^2,        0.025\times 0.4

Answer: 9.2, 51, 0.0121, 0.01

Oct 2: Compute the following quantities and express the results in decimals:
6\over {0.3},           0.3 \over 0.05,              2\over 0.4,        0.01\over 2

Answer: 20, 6, 5, 0.005

Oct 3: Express (0.2)^3 \over {0.02^2} as a decimal.

Answer: 20

Oct 4: Express {0.1 \over 2} + {1 \over 0.2} as a decimal.

Answer: 5.05

Oct 5: The product of 100\times 3.67 \times 0.367\times 1000 is the square of what positive number?

Answer: 367

Oct 6: If it costs 2.5 cents to copy a page, how many pages can you copy with $10?

Answer: 400